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Bayikadi, KS, Imam S, Ubaid M, Aziz A, Chen K-H, Sankar R.  2022.  Effect of aliovalent substituted highly disordered GeTe compound's thermoelectric performance, 2022. 922:166221. AbstractWebsite

As a lead-free high-performance thermoelectric material, germanium telluride (GeTe) has recently been extensively studied for mid-temperature (500–800 K) applications. The carrier concentration and the thermal conductivity are reduced for vacancy-controlled GeTe compounds compared with pristine GeTe. We explored and optimized the Ge0.9−xSb0.1PxTe (x = 0.01–0.05) material's highest thermoelectric performance at elevated temperatures. Intrinsic Ge vacancy control and manipulation of Ge (+2) with Sb/P (+3) increased the charge contribution to power factor improvement to ∼42 µWcm−1 K−2 while minimizing the lattice thermal contribution to ∼0.4 W/mK. This resulted in an increase in thermoelectric performance of ∼2.4 @ 773 K for the Ge0.88Sb0.1P0.02Te sample. The inclusion of atomically disordered Sb/P ions considerably increases the scattering effects caused by the point defect, whereas stretched grain boundaries reveal the decreased lattice thermal contribution. The current work demonstrates the effectiveness of phosphorus as a co-dopant in increasing the average thermoelectric performance (ZTavg) value over the GeTe operating temperature range.

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