Pump-probe spectroscopy of cold Rb-87 atoms in various polarization configurations

Chen, YC, Chen YW, Su JJ, Huang JY, Yu IA.  2001.  Pump-probe spectroscopy of cold Rb-87 atoms in various polarization configurations, Apr. Physical Review A. 63:11., Number 4


We investigate systematically pump-probe spectroscopy of cold Rb-87 atoms produced by a magneto-optical trap. The pump-probe spectra are measured without the presence of the trapping beams or any optical molasses. Various polarization configurations of the probe and pump fields result in very different spectra of probe absorption. The observed spectra exhibit a dispersive profile, a dispersionlike profile, a Lorentzian profile, or a dispersive profile plus a Lorentzian profile. The widths of all the spectral profiles are narrower than the natural linewidth of the excited state. Our work clarifies the mechanisms behind these different spectral profiles and provides essential information for the pump-probe spectroscopy of cold atoms.


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