Observation of the quantum interference phenomenon induced by interacting dark resonances

Chen, YC, Liao YA, Chiu HY, Su JJ, Yu IA.  2001.  Observation of the quantum interference phenomenon induced by interacting dark resonances, Nov. Physical Review A. 64:5., Number 5


We report an experimental observation of narrow and high-contrast spectra. which are induced by interacting dark resonances and have been predicted in Phys. Rev. A 60, 3225 (1999). Spectra are measured with cold (87)Rb atoms produced by a magneto-optical trap. In this experimental system, a coupling laser and a weak probe laser form a three-level Lambda -type configuration of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT); a microwave drives a magnetic-dipole transition between the fourth level and the ground state that is coupled with the excited state by the coupling laser. The observed spectral profile of probe absorption exhibits a very sharp peak emerging inside a narrow EIT dip. Such spectral feature provides more opportunities in manipulating atomic-optical response.


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