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and A. M. Basilio, Hsu YK, Wei PC, Ganguly A, Shih HC, Chen YT, Chen LC, Chen* KH.  2010.  Electrochemical Characterization of InN Thin Film for Biosensing Applications. J. New Mat. Electrochem. Systems. 13:337-343.
Horng, YY, Lu YC, Hsu YK, Chen CC, Chen LC, Chen* KH.  2010.  Flexible supercapacitor based on polyaniline nanowires/carbon cloth with both high gravimetric and area-normalized capacitance. J. Power Sources. 195:4418-4422.
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Hsiao, CL, Chen JT, Hsu HC, Liao YC, Tseng PH, Chen YT, Feng ZC, Tu LW, Chou MC, Chen LC, Chen KH.  2010.  Heteroepitaxy of m-plane (1010) InN on (100)-LiAlO2 substrates and its strong anisotropic optical behaviors. ,J. Appl. Phys.. 107:073502.
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Lin, YG, Hsu YK, Chen SY, Chen LC, Chen* KH.  2010.  O2 plasma-activated CuO-ZnO inverse opals as high-performance methanol microreformer. J. Mater. Chem.. 20:10611-10614.
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and J. S. Hwang*, Chen KY, Syu WS, Chen SW, Kuo CW, Syu WY, Lin TY, Chiang HP, Chattopadhyay S, Chen KH, Chen LC.  2010.  Preparation of silver nano-particle decorated silica nanowires on quartz as reusable versatile nano-structured surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates. Nanotechnology. 21:025502.
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