Research Opportunities

We welcome college and graduate students who are interested in experimental physics on quantum gases, quantum optics, and quantum information science to join our research group. Our institute is on the main campus of Nation Taiwan University. 


College student

We have fun research projects for undergraduate students. Fellowships for college students are also available: C.T. Chang/IAMS Summer Research Fellowship andMinistry of Science and Technology College Student Research Fellowship. Undergraduate students who are interested in AMO physics / chemistry are encouraged to apply to those programs.


Graduate student

We welcome post-graduate students (both MS and Ph.D. level) who are interested in pursuing science career and are interested in AMO physics to join us. Our institute (IAMS) also participates the Ph.D. program of the Academia Sinica, Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP), under the Molecular Sscience and Technology (MST) and Nano Science and Technology (Nano) programs.