Research Overview

The primary goal of our labs is to manipulate and understand quantum spins in cold atoms, toward quantum simulation and quantum information processing. Our recent efforts have focused on the investigation of quantum dynamics of spinor condensates in low dimensions. In addition to that, controlled strong and tunable atomic interaction has been a key to access different quantum regimes of a quantum condensate and is essential for efficient quantum entanglement among atomic qubits. Hence we are also interested in tuning the atomic interactions via either Feshbach resonance or Rydberg excitation / dressing. More recently, we extended our expertise on quantum control of atomic spins to that of ensembles of electronic spins nitrogen-vacancy color centers in nanodiamonds, for nano-sensing applications and for quantum optics studies.

  • Quantum phases and dynamics in spinor bose gas

  • Controllable Strong Atomic Interactions - Feshbach Resonance of Potassium

  • Manipulation of solid spins in nano-diamonds for temperature sensing applications