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Matsuda, Y, Endo T, Mikami N, Fujii A, Morita M, Takahashi K.  2015.  The large variation in acidity of diethylether cation induced by internal rotation around a single covalent bond. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 119:4885-4890.
Mica C. Smith, Wei-Lun Ting, Chun-Hung Chang, Takahashi K, Kristie A. Boering, Lin JJ-M.  2014.  UV Absorption Spectrum of the C2 Criegee Intermediate CH3CHOO. Journal of Chemical Physics. 141:,074302.
Morita, M, Takahashi K.  2013.  Multidimensional local mode calculations for the vibrational spectra of OH-(H2O)2 and OH-(H2O)2•Ar. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 15:14973-14985.
Morita, M, Hirokazu Takahashi, Satoshi Yabushita, Takahashi K.  2014.  Why does the IR Spectra of Hydroxide Stretching Vibration weaken with increase in hydration? Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 16:23143-23149.
Morita, M, Takahashi K.  2012.  Theoretical Study on the OH Vibrational Spectra of OH-(H2O)3 and OH-(H2O)4. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics . 14:2797-2808.
Morita, M, Takahashi K.  2013.  Multidimensional OH local mode calculations for OH-(H2O)3 ~ Importance of intermode anharmonicity ~. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics . 15:114-124.