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Roongcharoen, T, Mano P, Jitwatanasirikul T, Sikam P, Butburee T, Takahashi* K, Namuangruk* S.  2022.  Synergic Cooperation of Ni, Mn and N-vacancy in Graphitic Carbon Nitride Sheets for Boosting Carbon Dioxide Electrochemical Reduction to Ethanol. Applied Surface Science . 595:153527.
Sikam, P, Jitwatanasirikul T, Roongcharoen T, Yodsin N, Meeprasert J, Takahashi* K, Namuangruk* S.  2022.  Understanding the interaction between transition metal doping and ligand atoms of ZnS and ZnO monolayers to promote CO2 reduction reaction. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. . 24:12909-12921.
Punyain, W, Takahashi K.  2021.  Evaluation of Ar tagging toward the vibrational spectra and zero point energy of X-HOH, X-DOH, and X-HOD, for X=F, Cl, Br. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 23:9492-9499.
Zhou, T, Wang L, Huang X, Unruangsri J, Wang R, Yang Q, Wang C, Takahashi K, Xu H, Guo J.  2021.  PEG-stabilized coaxial stacking of two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution. Nature Communications. 12:3934.
Kuo, M-T, Takahashi K, Lin JJ-M.  2020.  Reactions of Criegee Intermediates are Enhanced by Hydrogen-atom Relay Through Molecular Design. ChemPhysChem. 21:2056-2059.
Chao, W, Yin C, Li Y-L, Takahashi K, Lin JJ-M.  2019.  Synergy of water and ammonia hydrogen bonding in a gas-phase reaction. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 123:1337-1342.
Chao, W, Lin Y-H, Yin C, Lin W-H, Takahashi K, Lin JJ-M.  2019.  Temperature and Isotope Effects in the Reaction of CH3CHOO with methanol. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 21:13633-13640.
Li, Y-L, Lin Y-H, Chiang C-Y, Yin C, Chang Y-P, Takahashi K, Lin JJ-M.  2019.  Temperature-dependent Rate Coefficients for the Reaction of CH3SH with Simplest Criegee intermediates. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 123:4096-4103.
Chao, W, Lin JJ-M, Takahashi K, Tomas A, Yu L, Kajii Y, Batut S, Schoemaecker C, Fittschen C.  2019.  Water Vapor Does Not Catalyze the Reaction between Methanol and OH Radicals. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 58:5013-5017.
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