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Li, J-W, Morita M, Takahashi* K, Kuo* J-L.  2015.  Features in Vibrational Spectra Induced by Ar-tagging for H3O+Arm m=0-3. J. Phys. Chem. A.. 119:10887-10892.
Li, Y-L, Lin Y-H, Chiang C-Y, Yin C, Chang Y-P, Takahashi K, Lin JJ-M.  2019.  Temperature-dependent Rate Coefficients for the Reaction of CH3SH with Simplest Criegee intermediates. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 123:4096-4103.
Lin, L-C, Chao W, Chun-Hung Chang, Takahashi K, Lin JJ-M.  2016.  Temperature dependence of the reaction of anti-CH3CHOO with water vapor. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 18:28189-28197.
Lin, Y-H, Takahashi K, Lin JJ-M.  2018.  The reactivity of Criegee intermediates towards carbon dioxide. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 9:184-188.
Lin, L-C, Takahashi K.  2016.  “Will (CH3)2COO survive humidity? Journal of Chinese Chemical Society. 63:472-479.
Lin, L-C, Chao W, Smith M, Lin JJ-M, Takahashi K.  2016.  Competition between water monomer and dimer in the reaction with H2COO and CH3CHOO. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 18:4557-4568.