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Kambara, O, Takahashi K, Hayashi M, Kuo J-L.  2012.  Assessment of density functional theory to calculate the phase transition pressure of ice at 0K. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 14:11484-11490.
Kramer, ZC, Takahashi K, Vaida V, Skodje RT.  2012.  Will Water Act as a Photo-Catalyst for Cluster Phase Chemical Reactions? Vibrational Overtone Induced Dehydration of Methanediol Journal of Chemical Physics. 136:164302.
Kuo, M-T, Takahashi K, Lin JJ-M.  2020.  Reactions of Criegee Intermediates are Enhanced by Hydrogen-atom Relay Through Molecular Design. ChemPhysChem. 21:2056-2059.