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Chang, M-S, Hamley CD, Barrett MD, Sauer JA, Fortier KM, Zhang W, You L, Chapman MS.  2004.  Observation of Spinor Dynamics in Optically Trapped 87Rb Bose-Einstein Condensates. Physical Review Letters. 92(14):140403.
Chang, M-S, Qin Q, Zhang W, You L, Chapman M.  2005.  Coherent spinor dynamics in a spin-1 Bose condensate. Nature Physics . 1:111-116.
Chen, T-J, Chen J-E, Yu H-H, Liu T-W, Hsiao Y-F, Chen Y-C, Chang M-S, Cheng W-Y.  2018.  Absolute frequency of cesium 6S_{1/2}–6D_{3/2} hyperfine transition with a precision to nuclear magnetic octupole interaction. Optics Letters. 43(9):1954-1957.
Chuang, HC, Chang CR, Chen C-C, Chang MS.  2012.  An external cavity diode laser using a volume holographic grating. Optics and Laser Technology. 44(7):2182-2185.
Chuang, Y-T, Chen S-D, Huang W-C, Shen T-L, Chang M-S, Chen Y-F, Hsieh Y-P, Chang Y-H, Hofmann M.  2020.  Multilevel Optical Labeling by Spectral Luminescence Control in Nanodiamond Color Centers. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 12(43):49006-49011.