Dr. Li-Chyong Chen

Distinguished Research Fellow

Physics Department, National Taiwan University, Taipei Taiwan

Center for Condensed Matter Sciences, National Taiwan University, Taipei Taiwan

Tel/Fax: 33665200/23655404; E-mail: chenlc@ntu.edu.tw;


Ph. D. in Applied Physics (1983-1989), Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

B. S. in Physics (1977-1981), National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Professional employment history:

Director (2012-2020), Research Fellow (2000-present), and Associate Research Fellow (1994-2000) in the CCMS; Teaching Assistant in Physics (1981-1983), NTU, Taipei, Taiwan

Technical Member: Materials Scientist (1989-1994), General Electric, Corporate Research and Development, Materials Research Center, Schenectady, NY, USA